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The Bitter Kingdom
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The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman I love when Gaiman reads his own audiobooks. Really, really fantastic.This isn't my favorite of his stories, but I love that it's nice and short, and I'm a sucker for sweetness and self-sacrifice, so I'll probably listen to this again--maybe on a road trip.
The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater What now? I don't think I can wait a million years for the next book to come out. I'm having feelings problems.There isn't anything else.

Gone Girl: A Novel

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Not for me.
The Boss (The Boss, #1) - Abigail Barnette My introduction to Abigail Barnette came through her Fifty Shades recaps, which are brilliant, hilarious, scathing critiques of a truly terrible piece of fiction.This book is...How to say this? It's like the real-life version of Fifty Shades of Grey/Devil Wears Prada, with absolutely lovely, enormously likeable characters. And it is incredibly feminist in the most beautiful ways. I have more to say, but I'm exhausted. I'll come back and write more soon.

Chimes at Midnight: An October Daye Novel

Chimes at Midnight - Seanan McGuire This is my favorite Toby Daye book yet. Really, really good.

Until Fountain Bridge (On Dublin Street, #1.6)

Until Fountain Bridge (On Dublin Street, #1.6) - Samantha Young Oh man. I love this series, but this novella is so boring it's borderline unreadable. I'd skip this, but read the rest of the series if I were you. It really is terribly dull. Such a bummer.

Into the Deep

Into the Deep - Samantha Young Oh man, I wanted so badly to love this, but I just couldn't do it. I may write a proper review later.The phrase "into the deep" is repeated like five times in this book. WHY?!? Title call-outs are soooo lame, guys. Please stop doing them.
A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean This series actually follows MacLean's Love by Numbers series--the main character here is the woman who the Hero of [b:Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart|7963136|Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart (Love By Numbers, #3)|Sarah MacLean|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1322367261s/7963136.jpg|11868519] was engaged to and left for Julianna. Her life has freaking sucked since then, and MacLean does a great job of showing how little agency women had back then.

Ride with Me

Ride with Me - Ruthie Knox Cute. Very, very cute. I'm not into bicycles or camping, though. You'll like this if you are.

About Last Night: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

About Last Night - Ruthie Knox So. Hmm. This is not my favorite of Ruthie Knox's novels. It's so, so, so good up until the end, when the romantic hero crosses a crazy fucking boundary in the name of a huge, sweeping romantic gesture, and if I were Cath--and I'm A LOT less sensitive than she--I'd have lost my fucking shit at him. I'm kind of at a loss here, because it was all so beautiful up to that point.I'm so bummed. I felt a real kenship with Cath up until the weird ending. Oh, well.Side note: I love how charmed Knox is by people eating ice cream cones in winter. This is the second book she's written that has characters doing this.

Making it Last (Novella)

Making It Last - Ruthie Knox This isn't at all a traditional romance novel. It follows a couple (Amber and Tony from the novella that started the series--I know, WTF with those names) who have been married more than ten years, and they're struggling, and they have three boys, and Amber tends to spend a lot of her time crying about how overwhelmed she is (she's a housewife, and compounding her depression is her understanding that, "Whatever was wrong with her, it was some kind of first-world problem, and she didn't want to dump it on her husband."). And Tony's business is failing, so he works crazy hours, but he doesn't want her to get a job because he takes pride in being the provider, blah blah blah... And basically, they spend a few days in Jamaica, paid for by her aunt, trying to reconnect and sort their lives out. I love this book. It reminded me of my mom, who raised five kids while working part-time, with a fireman husband whose work schedule was on 24/off 48 hours. Love, love, love.

Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3)

Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3) - Ruthie Knox OMG. A sexy, endearing, smart romantic hero who has a stutter. I may die of love for Ruthie Knox.This book has good diversity sexuality-wise, too, which is refreshing. Something I love about this series in general is that the romantic heroes tend to start out very ambitious and wealthy and successful, and they have to make decisions about cutting back on work--and, with that, income--in order to make their relationships work. Love, love, love.

Along Came Trouble: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance

Along Came Trouble - Ruthie Knox I am shocked by how much I love this series. Ruthie Knox handles the fact that men and women have evolved to be attracted to each other in a very specific way, and how that can be uncomfortable when it bumps up against feminism, really well. But she doesn't do it overtly or with any pseudo-intellectualism. This series is lovely, and it is sexy, and I want to devour everything Knox has ever written. With my eyes I want to devour it.

The Husband's Secret

The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty What a lovely book. I spent too much time in the beginning feeling disappointed that I'd instantly figured out a big plot point that I would have rather experienced as a big surprise, but it didn't ultimately lessen my enjoyment of the novel. Moriarty's writing reminds me of that of Megan Hart in the best way possible.

Love in the Afternoon (Hathaway Series)

Love in the Afternoon - Lisa Kleypas Oh, what a lovely story. I am a huge fan of Kleypas's writing, and I think it's because she seems to just really LIKE people. Does that make sense? She thinks the best of everyone, and no matter what a person has said or done, they are redeemable. She also clearly loves women, which is incredibly refreshing. It's such a bummer when a romance author slut-shames, or hates on thin or heavy girls based on her own personal insecurities. And the way she handled the issue of soldiers coming home with PTSD, and how war changes people, felt respectful and just...I don't know. It felt right. In running out of Kleypas books to read. Such a bummer.

Married by Morning (Hathaway Series #5)

Married By Morning - Lisa Kleypas This book was exactly what I expected it to be. In a good way.