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Shattered Dark, The (Shadow Reader Novel)

The Shattered Dark - Sandy Williams Why does everything have to be a trilogy? My friend Samantha and I want someone to create a trilogy tracker app, because we both read about five books a week and its hard to keep track of what we've read of each series and when the next installments will be released. I liked this book fine. The author's voice is compelling, although the flashbacks seriously annoyed me until the end, when I understood why they were necessary. In general, though, they were used as a crutch to keep the love triangle going, and they made the ending come as less of a surprise--my reaction was more, "ah, of course," than "holy shit," and I think the author was going for the latter response. At least the first person present narrator (I know, ugh) is reliable--she doesn't withhold information from the reader, Roger Akroyd-style, as they tend to in a lot of novels, and the reminders of who characters were and what they did in the previous book were brief and didn't intrude on the story being told. I'm not waiting on the edge of my seat for the final book, but this was good, and if you enjoyed book one of this series you'll like this one as well. The first third of it is pretty slow, but the excitement builds, and some cool things happen with Paige. I'm holding off on judging what I thought were some weak choices until the series is complete.