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Neverfall - Brodi Ashton So many things went wrong here. Had I read this between Everneath and Everbound, as the author intended, I'd have abandoned the series before book two. I'm glad I didn't, because I thought Everbound was really lovely. This novella flashes back and forth between two nearly equally low-stakes timelines. The first is all that shit from a year and a half ago, and I guess it's supposed to be cool to see it from Cole's perspective (it is not). The second takes place "Now," and follows Cole on a quest to find a bunch of oracles. Why do I call that low stakes? Because nothing can happen to him--he has to be in two more books still, and, since most readers don't know about these little interstitial stories, nothing major can happen. And nothing does. You know what really bummed me out, though, was Cole's complete lack of personality. I hate when YA writers who are neither a Gayle Forman nor a Maggie Stiefvater try to tell stories from both the feminine and the masculine perspective, because it can be incredibly difficult to write from inside the head of someone of the opposite sex. Cole was my favorite character in Everneath and Everbound because he's sooooo interesting. Seeing things from his point of view was...ugh. It was terrible. Like eating melty vanilla ice cream out of a paper cup.