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Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1)

Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1) - S.C. Stephens Stephens opens the novel with the comfortable, sweet relationship between Kiera and Denny as they drive cross-country, moving to Seattle so Denny can take an internship (Or something. I don’t know. His particular job’s not important, and throughout this thing he gets promoted in weird ways (I’ll get to more of that if I ever review book 2, which I thought was terrible) that make me thing that maybe someone doesn’t understand how jobs work). The important thing is that Kiera has left everyone she knows and loves to follow Denny so they can be together. She even transferred to a new college. Oh, and Denny is from Australia so he uses weird words all the time. And Kiera (do I really need to tell you this?) is really beautiful but doesn’t see it because her sister is prettier or whatever.Kiera and Denny move in with Killan, who is The Most Gorgeous Man in the World, A Rock God, and one of Denny’s life-long best friends. Pretty much as soon as they move in Denny has to travel to Arizona or something for work (internship?), and he’s gone for months and months. During that time Kiera and Kellan become BFFs, and they’re clearly enamored of each other but the both love Denny blah blah blah. OK. So Denny kind of drops off the face of the earth and Kiera is lonely and pretty upset that he no longer calls, since she completely uprooted her life for him. SO when he gets offered a promotion to stay in Arizona and accepts it without checking in with her, she flips her shit and breaks up with him over the phone. That night when Kellan gets home from Playing the Music or whatever, he gets her fucking plastered on tequila and they have a lot of sex. The next morning Kellan leaves the house early and then Denny comes home and apologizes and Kiera is freaked out and sleeps with him because it seems weird not to, and then things go about how you’d expect: Kiera and Kellan continue to sleep together, as do she and Denny. It’s a big ol’ mess. The title is hilariously accurate. And there’s lots of fun stuff with Kellan being suuuuch a dick to Kiera, who totally deserves it. And there’s an awful lot of electricity in touches and eyes that flash with passion and I love it. And the author does not do anything to disguise or apologize for the fact that these people are being absolutely dreadful to one another.Oh, and there are embarrassing song lyrics. Try to ignore it.Read this book on the beach next time you go on vacation. It’s a lot of fun.Trigger Warning: There is one vaguely rapey scene (but no actual rape or consensual sex initiated by rapiness) and some pretty intense (and kind of unnecessary) guy-on-guy violence, plus discussion of child abuse.