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The Mockingbirds

The Mockingbirds - Daisy Whitney Through the long, painful process of remembering everything that happened the night that she was raped. And it takes a while for her to admit that this is what happened. As soon as she gets back to her room the following morning, Alex's roommate realizes what's up (because she's a really awesome Best Friend character) and calls in the older sister, and together the two young women convince Alex to fight for justice against her attacker.There's a lot in here about the need to find justice by any means necessary and the politics of how adults interact with teenagers, but at its heart this is a story about a young woman and how she rebuilds herself after being destroyed by a boy. She doesn't allow her victimization to turn her into a Victim, and I think that's a powerful message for young women.While the subject matter is pretty heavy, this is a nice, relaxing read. The sequel is not as good.Trigger Warning: Rape. Obviously.