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Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout I gotta tell you, I am not a tough mark when it comes to romance novels, but this one did not...oy. I didn't particularly care for it.We bounce back and forth between the first-person narrations of Serena and her love interest, Hunter, and good news: neither of them has an even remotely interesting or believable voice. I would not normally care about this because, again, I am an easy fucking mark, but this book pissed me the fuck off by trying to body-shame its readers. WTF. Look at this shit:He chuckled deeply. "Look, no man--human or otherwise--wants a woman that is straight up and down. Men like curves. Men like softness."Are you fucking kidding me with that shit? When I was in high school, I was flat-chested, and I don't know how many times I was told (by men and women) that dudes wouldn't be into me because it would be like fucking "a bag of bones." "Eat a sandwich," they said. You know what? Boys and men didn't give a fuck whether I had boobs or not. I was funny and cute and smart, and I had absolutely no trouble getting laid by hot guys. Dudes would make fun of my lack of boobs only once they knew I'd never sleep with them, because teenage boys are assholes and should be kept away from decent society. And now I'm in my twenties, and my c-cup has grown in, and fuck women who try to make their body types seem more appealing by putting down women who are built differently from them. I think we can all agree that a Salma Hayek/young Angelina Jolie figure is probably the ideal for most men, and WHO GIVES A SHIT. Thin women: stop fat shaming. Heavy women: eating disorders are SERIOUS and not something to toss out as an insult just because your metabolism is different from a tiny lady's. And stop using Marilyn Monroe as your role model; she averaged out to the equivalent of a modern size four. She had a 22-inch waist. She was very, very thin. She had multiple plastic surgeries. And female authors: There is more to women that how appealing men find our bodies.And the...who beta-reads this shit? The grammar is fucking terrible. Has been in every single one of Armentrout's books. I keep expecting it to get better--[a:Ann Aguirre|835348|Ann Aguirre|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1275442049p2/835348.jpg] had a million crazy typos in her first book, and each subsequent novel go progressively cleaner--but it does not. She is not growing as an author.I hate this book more than I thought I did. You know what else is annoying, is that people say, "rather" a lot. Like, American people. They say things are "rather annoying," and "rather difficult." Blarg. No one talks like that unless they're trying really hard to sound smart. Go away.And the dude insults dudes by calling them feminine. Like he says, "I was turning into one big vagina." Ladies. If a dude uses "vagina" as an insult, please do not allow him access to yours. It's the only way he will learn. What an asshole, this dude.One other thing: this book takes place in the same world as Armentrout's young adult Lux series ([b:Obsidian|12578077|Obsidian (Lux, #1)|Jennifer L. Armentrout|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328275091s/12578077.jpg|17588854]). So the basic idea here is that a bunch of sexy aliens from two different planets live among us, and they are mortal enemies, and they have to kill each other. And they can make themselves invisible, or completely unrecognizable because they are made of light. And they are affected differently by different stones. And opals enhance their powers. And to get opals, they go to this teenage mob boss kid who's like something out of Rian Johnson's Brick, except not cool...but, again, they can make themselves invisible. So why do they not just steal opals from the store? Or from a jeweler? Why murder a bunch of people (Hunter murders A LOT of people) and then drive across the country to haggle with a child when every major city in the world has a jewelry district? I just don't get it.I hated this book. And I hope Jennifer Armentrout doesn't see this review because it's really mean. But please don't read this thing, ladies.