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Down London Road

Down London Road - Samantha Young I really like this series. It's perfect beachy/on your period reading.A few things were weird for me. I will never be ok with people making out first thing when they wake up, ESPECIALLY when they'd passed out drunk the night before. BRUSH YOUR TEETH, PEOPLE.Also, I don't know how things work in Scotland, where this takes place, but in America you don't get anything for refinishing the floors in your rented apartment. Is that a thing in Scotland? The author of this book seems to think so. She specifically says that Johanna refinished the floors and stuff when she moved in so she'd get more money when she moved out. But she doesn't own the place. I know it seems like I'm really bothered by this an unusual amount, and that's because I AM. Can someone tell me how Scotland works?And Johanna's sob story is laid on pretty thick (I was gonna say "a little thick," but let's be honest), and I think I'd have felt a little more empathetic toward her if that shit hadn't been shoved down my throat.Ummm. The love interest is kinda a sexy caveman type, like most awesome sexy dudes, but he's also a pretty awesome person, and when he's mean to Johanna at the beginning of the novel, he's not really wrong. Oh, they use condoms and discuss getting tested for STDs when they want to stop using them. THANK YOU. USE FREAKING CONDOMS, PEOPLE. Trigger Warning: Hoo boy. No rapey stuff, but there are very abusive, alcoholic parents, and I found it a little tough to read, so...tread lightly, I guess.Also, I have to say... in [b:On Dublin Street|15760001|On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1)|Samantha Young|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1358249908s/15760001.jpg|21459719], the beautiful, feisty young woman (her name is Jocelyn; don't get me started on this writer and freaking women's names that start with a "J") ends up with an awesome, sexy, wealthy older dude, and in this one, the young hot chick's journey is to stop dating wealthy older dudes for their money. I like that there's not a specific formula for these novels.I also had a lot of fun, since I'm a fucking idiot, figuring out which characters the next book would focus on. It was pretty obvious, and I'm excited to read it...