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Making it Last (Novella)

Making It Last - Ruthie Knox This isn't at all a traditional romance novel. It follows a couple (Amber and Tony from the novella that started the series--I know, WTF with those names) who have been married more than ten years, and they're struggling, and they have three boys, and Amber tends to spend a lot of her time crying about how overwhelmed she is (she's a housewife, and compounding her depression is her understanding that, "Whatever was wrong with her, it was some kind of first-world problem, and she didn't want to dump it on her husband."). And Tony's business is failing, so he works crazy hours, but he doesn't want her to get a job because he takes pride in being the provider, blah blah blah... And basically, they spend a few days in Jamaica, paid for by her aunt, trying to reconnect and sort their lives out. I love this book. It reminded me of my mom, who raised five kids while working part-time, with a fireman husband whose work schedule was on 24/off 48 hours. Love, love, love.