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Consequences - Aleatha Romig I actually quite liked this in a trashy thriller kind of way until I read the sequel. While Stockholm Syndrome (Is there a more fascinating psychological phenomenon than Stockholm Syndrome? I don't think so.) plays a big part in this thing, it is NOT [b:Comfort Food|7920450|Comfort Food|Kitty Thomas|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1281078667s/7920450.jpg|11221308]-style dark erotica. It is genuinely upsetting, and waaaaaaay too long. It could easily be 30% shorter.Trigger warning: Basically don't read this if you have any triggers at all. Just don't do it. The protagonist is repeatedly raped and at one point gets put in a coma for a month because she was so brutally beaten. Seriously, don't do it.