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The Twelve (Passage Trilogy Series #2)

The Twelve - Justin Cronin This book is pretty unreviewable. Everything is a spoiler. Basically, if you liked The Passage, you'll probably enjoy this (I say "probably" because the language feels more flowery and spiritual here, and there are some not-very-good descriptions and similes that feel...I don't know, rushed?). You may be a little confused by some things if you read the previous book a year or two ago, as I did, but there is a handy prologue recapping what happened in book one at the beginning and a spoiler-free dramatis personae at the end to help guide you a bit. You'll be fine. You're smart.The flashbacks to year zero are rough, because you know that a good 95% of those people are gonna die horribly, but that's part of why we love this series, right?