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Written In Red: A Novel of the Others

Written in Red - Anne Bishop This book started out REALLY strong. The monsters--including werewolves that eat people alive--are properly scary, the protagonist is charming and compelling, and the world building is exquisite. The story slides a little downhill for me after about the halfway mark, though, when the scary creatures begin to behave, as a whole, pretty differently from how they've been set up, and because of this none of the major good guys are ever really in a ton of danger. And I know I have a habit of harping on plot developments, but everything that occurs in the last quarter of the novel is telegraphed preeeeetty far in advance. One super-positive thing is that the female protagonist has lots of lovely female friends, in addition to the males who adore her. Now if we could just have a woman with any amount if power in this series, I'd love it forever.