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Tragic: Rook and Ronin, #1

Tragic - J.A. Huss 2.5 stars.I feel kind of guilty about giving this such a low rating. I think a lot of people will really, REALLY like it. But it's super duper not for me.There wasn't a lot of overt misogyny. There was, however, that unfortunate thing where the hero dude has never taken a woman to his apartment for sex before because none of them were ever good enough until this girl. He fucked them in...other rooms of the building where he lives and works? And I really fucking hate that shit. Every other woman he's ever been with doesn't have to be a skanky whore for Rook to be a special girl.But well done with trying to show the difference between dudes who are overprotective and those who are controlling--particularly for the purposes of romance novels. It's a tough line to straddle, and while I don't think Huss was 100% successful in this book (dude's pretty controlling), she clearly made the effort, and that's something.