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Skylark - Remember when you saw Danny Boyle's Sunshine, and for the first two thirds of it, you were like, "Holy shit, this is the most perfect science fiction movie ever made?" and then the last third happened and you felt stunned and betrayed and...lost? This book is the reverse of that. The first two thirds are boooooring and typical and just nearly impossible to slog through. But then the last third of the book hits, and something starts to click, and it keeps clicking, and before you know it, you're just utterly enchanted and pleasantly surprised, and... I don't know.The characters and love story are pretty typical of any YA dystopian whatever you've read, until, again, the last third of the book. I saw every twist that occurred at the end well before it happened, but it didn't matter because there is one moment between our heroine and her boy that...I don't know how to say this without spoiling anything. But it felt right. And it felt real. And it was really heartbreaking. I'm talking about when she kisses him and he tastes like blood and she is complete grossed out by his monsterness And for that moment alone, I think everyone who likes this sort of thing should read this novel.Actually, I take that back. If you're a slower reader, wait for the second book to come out and see what people say about it. THEN, if THAT feedback is good, read book one. Because the beginning really is such a slog. I read at least one novel per day, and I forget sometimes what an undertaking a book of this length might be for a person, so again, if reading time is rare for you, hold off. Read Angelfall instead. Ain't no shame.