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Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake You guys. This is a really good sequel. The characters have grown, both in how they carry themselves and how they interact with each other, but not in a way that feels like the author is trying to re-write them to work within a new story. If that makes sense.Thomas and Carmel have the Xander/Cordelia thing going on pretty hard-core early on, and Cas is freaking everyone out by being a jerk and losing his focus on the job--nearly getting himself and his friends killed in the process. Everything starts to fall apart just in time for shit to get really, really ugly. And when shit gets ugly, this book blossoms into something magical and tender and creepy as fuck.Incidental characters from Anna are fleshed out, but again, not in a way that negates what was established in the previous book, and new characters--like Justine, the mysterious teen witch who covets Cas's powers--add a nice texture to this story, effectively keeping it from feeling like a rehashing of the prior novel.I am an unapologetic hater of trilogies and series that run on well past the point where the story should be put to bed (UGH Game of Thrones), but Kendare Blake's writing puts the Anna books in the Discworld category for me--I can't imagine that I could ever tire of this universe of characters. I hope she decides to continue writing these stories.