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The Collector - Victoria Scott 2.5 stars? I guess?This book is fine, and I understand why so many people like it; it's just not for me.The premise is that Dante Walker works for Satan (or "Boss Man," as Dante calls him), wandering around places like New Orleans, tagging people who do bad things (sometimes while being coerced by Dante or one of his colleagues). He's doing great and loves his job, yadda yadda, until one day he is given an assignment to mark a nerdy teenage girl who is essentially a saint and who will do great things for the world.I think you'll probably know pretty quickly whether this book is for you. Dante reads as a really hot Jamie Kennedy character. He has this profoundly unappealing beta-male swagger. I probably would have loved him when I was in elementary and middle schools (I don't mean to belittle grown-ass women who like this book; it's just that anything that stinks of posturing or faux power just does nothing for me.), but not as an adult. Basically, I don't think I'd fuck this character, and if you aren't interested in sleeping with Dante, this book does not work.But even if you enjoy the beginning of the book and Dante as a character, it may lose you in the back half as the narrative structure gets sloppy and a bunch of plot points you'd already figured out (even just basic stuff like the identity of a character's fiancee and another character's boyfriend) are unwound in a way that is reeeeeeeally boring if you picked up the clues early on. And there are some things that are just logically problematic, like the revelation that Dante, Satan's #1 guy, has only been dead two years. What? Two years? No. I don't think so. This is a TERRIBLE decision on the part of the author. I don't get it at all.And why the fuck is Dante obsessed with his Dwayne Wade-autographed chucks? And the girl has absolutely no personality. And there's a weird love triangle-type thing that ends in a way that is CLEARLY a set-up for the next book. The characters--across the board--go from being moderately well defined and individual in the front half to being muddy and everyone-is-awesome-and-a-hero-ish toward the end.