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Night's Darkest Embrace - Jeaniene Frost Look. At. That. Cover. It is. SO EMBARRASSING. And I feel like an idiot for having complaints about this thing, because it's a fucking paranormal romance NOVELLA. I mean, really, what did I expect?But I do have a few complaints. Like, why did Frost feel the need to specify how many bullets it takes to kill people who are different %s demon? Does aim not count at all? Do Purebloods just automatically die once that third bullet makes impact? What about buckshot, then? Does it count as lots of tiny bullets? Why, Jeaniene Frost, are you so specific about weird things that it would never occur to anyone to give a shit about? You baffle me. And please write more Night Prince novels now pleasepleaseplease. Please. Please?The romance is kinda meh, too. I mean, it's fine, whatever, but I expect more from this author than freaking insta-love. But if she writes more in this world I will absolutely, 100% read all of it.