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Royal Flush - Rhys Bowen I don't know that I would enjoy this series nearly as much as I have this far if I were actually reading the books, but the reader of the audiobooks, Katherine Kellgren, is really phenomenal. The mystery here is pretty lame, as was the case in the previous books, but Georgie is such a delightful protagonist, and the supporting characters (Georgie's flighty friend Belinda, serial divorcee mother, and, of course, Darcy the love interest being among the best of them) are a lot of fun. The changes in Georgie's life are happening VERY slowly, and it occurs to me that this is why steampunk is such a popular genre: we get the romance and beauty of a previous time, but there are ingenious inventions that help people receive information and travel at something much more like a modern pace. It's a clever cheat, and series like this one suffer a bit in comparison. Georgie isn't a Miss Marple-ish old lady or a wealthy spinster; she is a penniless young royal, and at some point she WILL have to marry or something and move things forward. It's hard to sit and wait for something to happen knowing there are very few ways Georgie's life can actually turn out. ...but I just started the next book, so clearly it doesn't bother me that much.