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Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead What a bummer. This novel, the final in the series, could have been really good, but it just...was...not. The clue math was seriously weak--I guessed one major twist in the previous book and the other very early in this one--and if your mysteries are weak, your first-person narrator doesn't need to withhold information from the reader as it comes to her because the reader already knows. That shit's just annoying. And I know that I'm unusually good at figuring out plot twists because that's how my brain works (and maybe partially because my husband writes mysteries for a living, so I've seen the sausage made A LOT), but still. Show a little respect for the reader. This book was like a million pages long. The character of Sydney is boring and has no place in this book. In general, when an author starts out in a fantastical world and then branches out to normal human stuff it just doesn't work. The human characters are dull and only serve to water down the experience for the reader--unless the new characters (and their places in the world of the story) are drawn in as much detail as was afforded the magical characters--and they also make it more difficult for the reader to suspend her disbelief moving forward in the novel. So. Bad all around, really. Also, Jesus Christ but there were a ton of typos and grammatical errors. It reminds me of how disappointingly unremarkable the final season of Buffy was. Good on paper, dumb in execution.